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A Record Museum Exclusive ...

The Man Who Loved
Shakori Hills
GrassRoots Festival So Much...
He was BANNED!

Click on an image to see and hear the stories, reel-to-reel recordings and videos ...
all done to support the artists and the Festival ...
Not intended for the purpose of getting BANNED!

Visit The Record Museum to talk to the man behind the Shakori Hills Mystery.


Love Alive  -  "Shakey Ground"
The Vinyl Project Concert
Recorded Live from
The Kepple's Carpet Main Stage
must see video!

Love Alive Original:  "Hi De He
Classic on the
Kepple's Carpet Main Stage

must see video!

Love Alive:  "Woodstock"

at The Woodstown Outdoor Festival

"Remembering Camryn"
The Benefit Concert

Lost Art  - (Compilation)
past performance at The Record Museum
Flipside - (Compilation)
past performance at The Record Museum
Kate Vargas
You're Gonna Remember Me

A very special thanks to all the guests, bands and those behind the scenes.  You made our benefit concert for the Families of SMA a night to remember.

Our V.I.P. sponsors:

Circle Trading Post
South Philadelphia Tap Room
Philadelphia Pretzel Factory
Primo Hoagies
The Sardine Bar
Sports Authority
Voorhees Antique Center
Rand Spear and Co.
Memorabilia for Charities
Philadelphia Phillies
Rich Mendoza Video Productions

Amazing Bands:

On the Main Stage
(in order of Performance)
Lost Art
Love Alive
Flip Side
On the Record Museum Stage
(in order of Performance)
Kathy Lynch

Amy Wooden
Love Alive Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos

Spinal Muscular Atrophy -
Families of SMA Research Support Hope

- Thank You -



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