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  "No Record Left Behind"   
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Huge Selection:   $1 Records  -  The most anywhere.
12" Discos - Largest selection available anywhere.
45's  -  Amazing jukebox-filling selection. 
CD's  -  featuring emerging

All Genres:   Featuring the largest selection of vinyl records in South Jersey. Over 75,000 lp's, 1000's of 45's.  Rock, Blues Jazz, Motown, C&W, 33 RPM Singles, Hip-Hop, Demo's, Promos, Obscure, Promos, Picture Discs, Rare, etc., etc. Visit us inside Kepple's Carpet.  A casual museum setting. Including hard-to-find collectibles.
"No Record Left Behind"   
We're saving an international treasure!

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Appraising & Buying
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Fun Collecting Vinyl Records at the Record MuseumRecord Museum
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CD's, LP's, 45's, 12" Singles.

Blues, Jazz, Rock, Male Artists
Female Artists, Obscure, Sound Effects
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Fun Collecting Vinyl Records at the Record MuseumRecord Museum
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Still Rockin' In the free world!    
Celebrating the Timeless Treasures
of Recorded Music

        Take a journey through years of vinyl recordings.  You might be surprised the way records tickle the nostalgic senses.  From the cover, to the liner notes to the records and other goodies  -  there's a real treat to every record.  The Record Museum understands.  Be our guest the next time you're in the area.  We're even easy to get to from Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Just give us a call and we'll even make the travel arrangements for you. 

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